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As an animal wellness company, we aim to give our clients the best quality of life possible.  We like to help the animal from the inside-out so he/she is able to feel at his/her 100%. We use the Bemer as part of our therapy sessions and are an independent representative for Summit Joint Performance, products that help the animal feel their best. 

This Bemer has me sooo relaxed!

As a certified Bemer therapist  I like to use the equine therapy blanket and cuffs as part of every session, it helps to get the circulation flowing, relax the horse and get those muscles more supple. The Bemer has a unique and patented signal that we call the Bemer signal. It is the only class 2 FDA compliant PEMF technology and it is the only one that can target the microcirculation system of the body to enhance self healing.  


Summit is the purest form of Chondroitin 4 Sulfate, it is the most effective joint supplement you will ever come across.  It helps lower inflammation in the joint and soft tissue. For more information visit our Summit website:

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